About Us

Come on out to Tyler, Texas and play with us for a chance to win over $5000 every night.  We have the cleanest facilities and the friendliest staff in East Texas, including 2 sheriff’s deputies on duty every session.   If you’ve never played before – no worries!  We have staff members dedicated to helping new bingo players.


Valentine’s Day Special

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One-Arm Couples Bingo Valentine’s Day February 14

Couples are handcuffed together and each person plays bingo with their free arm.
Cost is $60 per couple for two $35 Computers and two 9on full play sets each session.
So each session each person receives a $35 computer and a 9on full pay set.


Wednesdays Special 

Join us early, and save some cash

Arrive from 6:00 to 6:30pm and receive $5 off your computer price

The Lincoln Line is BACK!!!

Lincoln Line

Lincoln Line All month special. Every “B5” yell, “Hang it on the Line!” If you bingo on “B5”, you get ALL THE MONEY hanging PLUS your Bingo! If the line gets to $250 with no Bingo,
some lucky person will win at random.


Cell Phone Special

Tyler Bingo is now offering you the option to receive our specials and reminders via text message. 
Sign up now to stay in the loop.

Birthday Special

Celebrate with Tyler Bingo and you will get a penny 9on set for your birthday! 


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1631 South Vine
Tyler, TX 75701